Swinburne Kung Fu School

Important Information
As of the 29th of January 2018 the Swinburne Kung Fu Club will no longer be running and anyone interested in learning Kung Fu is advised to come along to the RMIT training nights instead. The information on this website is still accurate with regards to syllabus and free trial classes. For more detailed information about the RMIT club please refer to the following link https://rmitlink.rmit.edu.au/Clubs/kungfu

About the School

Kung Fu styles

The term Kung Fu, describes all Chinese martial arts and there are many different styles of Kung Fu. At Barry Pang Kung Fu Schools we focus primarily on Wing Chun and Lung Ying, with some forms and techniques taken from Choy Lee Fut and Lo Ha Ba Fut. The reason for a bit of variety in styles is Wing Chun is a style that goes it straight lines while Choy Lee Fut is mostly circular techniques. Lung Ying is the sister style to Wing Chun and complements the Wing Chun style while Lo Ho Ba Fut (Water Boxing) is similar to Tai Chi in its techniques.

Training is suitable for men and women, adults and children, regardless of shape, size, strength or fitness. Training has an emphasis on co-ordination, relaxation, timing and technical perfection, making the style effective for everyone including those looking for some self defence training.

Wing Chun was made famous by Bruce Lee and more recently the Ip Man movies. This style was invented by a woman and relies on superior technique rather than strength or size, making the style effective and practical in self defence. Lung Ying is closely linked to Wing Chun since they were both created by the same master all those years ago. Rarely seen outside of China, it also has an efficient way of producing power relying on co-ordination and timing.

Brief Club History
Barry Pang Kung Fu Schools have been operating for more than 40 years. The School was founded by the 'Pioneer of Kung Fu', Barry Pang in the early 1970's. It has since produced many national champions in both form and fighting. It is now renowned as one of the most established and professional Kung Fu schools in Australia.

Regular classes are held at educational institutions in Melbourne, Australia which have very high accreditation standards, including RMIT and Swinburne University. There are also Women's Self Defence courses which are also held at many government, corporate and private institutions.

The school caters for both adults and kids (ages 5 and up), with a slightly different syllabus for the kids to improve their coordination and balance. The junior and adult syllabus are aligned, so any techniqes that the kids learn the adults will also learn but in a slightly different order.

The Chief Instructor Barry Pang is highly qualified and the recipient of the Blitz Hall of Fame Kung Fu Tribute Award; the most prestigious award in Australia today. His wife Anne Pang is involved in the teaching of students at the school. She is the only female to be inducted into the Blitz Hall of Fame with a Tribute Award, and is a Women's Self Defence and Australasian Kung Fu Champion.