Grading information:

The grading is currently held twice a year and allows members to grade to the next belt after performing a number of techniques, forms and sparring. Sparring is required for all grades aside from the first time you grade. There is usually a few weeks before the grading where the classes are aimed at perfecting the techniques required for the members' next grade. Once a grading has been held, the results are normally available 1 - 2 weeks afterwards along with the new belt depending on the grade obtained.

Grading Fees:

Prices vary depending on the grade that you are going for, but for adults grading starts at $44 while kids start at $25 and this includes the new belt as well.

Members grading for the first time will also need to submit a passport sized photo with their name clearly written on the back of it which will go on a grading card. If you already have a grading card for the club that will also need to be submitted with your grading form as the sifu will sign each grading card when the new grade is achieved.

Uniform for the grading is the club tshirt and plain black pants with no stripes, logos or any other markings.

Complete the grading form below and use the appropriate syllabus to determine pricing and techniques for each grade. The general grading process is for everyone to grade through all the levels without skipping or combining gradings.

Grading form and syllabus:

Grading Form Download

Junior Syllabus (ages below 16)
Senior Syllabus (ages 16 and over)