Membership Fee:

Club membership is a single payment which covers you for all the regular classes that run during the week. There are also gradings which we have twice a year and a uniform that can be purchased through the club as well.

Keep in mind we offer the first 3 lessons for free for those wishing to try out the class first and see how the training is.

 Students $65 $130
 Non-Student $105 $210


  • The uniform is a plain white tshirt with the club logo and plain black pants with no markings and loose fitting around the legs.
  • For beginner's and people looking to try out the classes just wear a plain tshirt, preferably white, and loose fitting pants that you are able to do kicks in. Not recommended to wear jeans as these can be uncomfortable to train in.
 T-Shirt (required for grading)
Plain white tshirt with the club logo printed on it
Pants (plain black, no strips)
Very durable and will last a lifetime. Many members have had the same pair for the majority of their training.