Training and Classes

Regular training classes are held every week except on public holidays and we have a few weeks off over Christmas. At Christmas the last classes are usually run through to the end of the week before Christmas and then resume around the 3rd week in January. Classes have a mix of skill levels and grades with all members going through a basic set of warm up techniques and stretches at the start of class. Then splitting up into smaller groups to go through different techniques for each grade that we have in class or going through some techniques as a whole class.

Training multiple grades within the one class gives the beginner's an opportunity to see the techniques that the higher grades are doing so they have some context for the techniques that are being taught. It also allows the higher grades to see how the beginner's are going and help out where they can.

Beginner's classes are run alongside the main class, where beginner's get taught the basic techniques over their first 3 lessons and would then be able join in with the main class. This doesn't mean that beginner's will be left on their own to learn, there will always be a higher grade around to teach and improve techniques as part of the main class. Even when the class splits into smaller groups, there will be a higher grade that will be teaching those smaller groups to ensure everyone gets taught the correct technique and can ask questions as well.

The kid's or junior syllabus which only varies slightly compared to the adult syllabus and mainly differs in terms of the order in which the forms are taught. The basic techniques are still the same with slightly more focus on combinations of techniques for their grading. The first form that the junior's are taught is one that teaches coordination and balance which helps to improve not only their form but all the other techniques as well.

The adult syllabus has more of a focus on Wing Chun techniques and forms which is more of a static form and has a focus on improving the Wing Chun techniques and relaxation of the upper body. The adults will still be taught the form that the juniors first learn, but it will be taught at a later stage.

If you would like to try it out, come down to a class on any of the following days and there will always be a higher grade in class who can look after you until class starts. We're a friendly group of people and we are used to having beginner's come in on the night for their first class. If you would like to contact a member at the club in case you have any questions or re unsure of anything, head over to the Club Contacts page and we'll answer your question as best we can.

RMIT Classes


6.30pm until 8.30pm

Building 8, level 3, Activity Space #2 (08.03.25)

RMIT University, Building 8